Saturday, December 30, 2006

Does the Medium effect the Message?

Well, less than 1 day after "the event," the Saddam video hit the web. I had thought that we would see it quickly, but this surprised even me. Obviously, this had to come out quickly and it was sanctioned. This is psychological warfare at it basest. I also can't help but think one of the reasons this had to hit so quickly(at least in America) is that after this administration's handling of intelligence, citizens will not believe anything they are told...unless they see it. I've already had conversations with people who don't believe it's real. They think we made a deal with Saddam and faked his death.

At first. I had serious reservations about posting the video to my blog because it straddles the line of good taste. It's a little like looking at dirty pics when you were a kid. Sure if "cousin Mark" had them you'd look, but actually having them under your mattress was a whole different ballgame. You were forced to take ownership of it. It became hyper real

I decide to post because one of the topics that interest me is understanding how technology affects the human condition. I mean, a few years ago, watching this video wasn't even an option. We would have to wait and see if a TV production team would air it(and watch a censored/ sanitized version). I think I fall on the side of having the video because the medium forces it's potential viewers to do a little critical thinking. Unlike watching the evening news and having this video show up as a segment, this format forces you make a choice to watch it. You have to make an active decision for the experience and (conscious or not) implicitly agree to the consequences.

Now, the consequences are a separate post and are very real. But let me know what you think about the medium.

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A Fan said...

Just wanted to mention that you need feel no misgivings about "straddling the line of good taste" by publishing this video. Had you not built a firm foundation of crass content with your poetry, it may have unwittingly shocked some of your delicate readers. But I believe we were well prepared.