Friday, December 29, 2006

The Beginning

I think the first post of any new random blog should be a mission statement of sorts. Kind of a raison d'etre of the coming experience. Since this is a personal blog and not really focused on a particular topic, a fair warning should be in place. Essentially, I absolutely love to learn. Something new everyday. Which in a way is the impetus for this blog. You can expect to see the following:

I am incredibly interested in tech and its effect on human communication
I love new tech gadgets and cool toys
I enjoy thoughful debate about politics and the human condition
I enjoy some snarky wit and games involving language and math
I am currently having a lifetime affair with Science (so is my partner...she and I are geeks)

Oh and please...please...feel free to post really bad poetry at any time. God I love that crap.

Here's to a few new friends in the coming years, a lot of spam and an engaging dialogue or two.

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