Sunday, December 31, 2006

Doppelganger year in review

Well, it's been a fantastic year here at the the doppelganger. With 4 posts in the bag, a dozen readers, and a poem worthy of Frost, I'd say it was a year worth remembering.

To recap, we had a slow November and a quiet beginning to December. But wow, on or about the 29th we accomplished a significant milestone in this blog...yep...we started it. Ever since then its been nothing short of two more posts. A blistering pace if ever I saw one. I probably won't keep up that kind of momentum in 2007, but I'll try to focus more on quality.

Except for the poetry

As a year end present, I'm sending out 2006 with a god awful poem and a video of a fireworks warehouse catching fire and exploding.

See ya next year

you were my girlfriend for a whole year
you stuck by me for 365 days
8760 hours
and lots of minutes and seconds that I can't count
cause my calculator broke
but I must let you go
I've found a prettier partner
I like her because she is here
and you are dead

Fireworks factory/storage in Seest, Kolding, Denmark on fire and exploding, rendering whole neighbourhood uninhabitable.

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