Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Which New Years resolution will you break first?

This year I gathered with the fam to write down our bad habits from 2006 and burn them while scribbling some good natured resolutions for 2007.

Mine read something like this:

1. Get organized
2. Start saving Money
3. Something esoteric like "enjoy the simple moments"

Looking at them today, I realized that they were all just vague enough that I could consider them (technically)accomplished with minimal effort. I'm sure this isn't in the spirit of resolutions, but I didn't want to write something that I knew I would discard in a few days. I have some coworkers who wrote elaborate resolutions like "change my destiny." PLEASE! I don't even think that is possible (I mean it's destiny for crying out loud). I wondered if people wrote resolutions with the intention of breaking them. Do smokers really think "cause it was a new years resolution" will get them through nicotine withdrawal?

So, in all candidness, which little white lie did you write on your paper? Which New Year resolution will you break first? You know it's on there. You wrote it because it sounded good. It balanced out the others on your list (hell the whole list might be a sham). come clean.

I for one am still as messy today as a few weeks ago.

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Mario said...

You know, a mentor of mine once said, "Mario, trying is the first step towards failure." Wise words.

As far as resolutions go, the only thing i remember about NYE is me repeating: "Mario Perez, it's more than a name, it's a title!"

So if that's a resolution, then that's what it is.