Sunday, March 25, 2007

2 slices of Pi

A buddy of mine from college (although we haven't spoken in six years) is involved in a website called My Slice of Pi

OK I'll say it...I am jealous.

I am fascinated by concepts like this. It reminded of the million dollar page project only this has a little something for the math geeks. Right now, you can buy a digit of Pi for the dollar amount equal to the number itself. (the number 3 = $3). They did have a multiplier of 10 attached when they first began. (The number 3 = $30) which I wish they would've kept. You can promote whatever you'd like (within legal limits Mario)I do think it will take off as people discover the novel idea.

I've bought digits 65 and 66 for this blog and Liz's blog.

Do check it out, and grab a digit.

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Bill Seaver said...

Thanks Chris. Send me an email ( We need to reconnect.